Thesis: Practical Functioning of Dell’s Value Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

Dell’s value chain kicks into motion when the customer places the order. Generally, the customer initiates this by accessing Dell’s website and being led to a form where they fill out their requirements for the system. During this stage, Dell’s specially software assists the customer in ensuring that all the parts selected for the system are inter-compatible. The customer is also given a running total of the cost that the customized system is coming to, hence allowing the customer to ensure that the finalized system is one that is a perfect balance for the customer in terms of his/her requirements and the budget that he/she had for the system in mind.

It is important to note at this point that another method through which this stage can begin is through Dell’s customer service. Through Dell’s telephone based customer service, the customer is able to speak directly to a customer service representative. The customer service representative, while taking the order, maintains a real time monitoring of Dell’s inventory to ensure that all the parts ordered by the client are available. In cases where the parts are not available, the customer service representative has the option of making use of a number of alternate strategies to bring the deal to a successful close and a subsequent transaction. In the event that a part is not available, the specifications of the part are recorded and a request is sent to the supplier to maintain an inventory of that part for potential future orders. In addition, the supplier is also instructed to restock the selected part that the customer has bought.

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