Thesis: Practices in Hinduism

Sample Thesis Paper

While other religions have several different sects that are differentiated according to their belief systems. The Hindu system legitimizes all belief and practices by using scriptures to assert their authority over them. The text which is considered an authority in this case is of course the one of the Veda.

However, certain sects may not follow the Veda at all and may differ to a completely different text. Such practices are accounted for in the religion and they do not distract from the main purpose the religion serves. While other religions are summarily more concerned about the legitimacy of their scriptures, the methodology of their practices, the intricacies of their laws, the history of their beliefs, etc. Hinduism abandons all these concerns in favor of creating a religion that accepts all forms of worship, belief and traditions evolving through the centuries to become the form it inhabits today. Its main purpose is again bridging the gap between man and God through enrichment of his spiritual essence. The methodology is merely a means not the actual destination (Flood, 1996).

People may comfort themselves by observing the religious models and practices of Hinduism and dividing them under three paths, the way of action, the way of knowledge and the way of devotion. They may also comfort themselves by ascribing a sacred text to the Hindu rituals in order to understand the basis for their religion. One fundamental fact about Hinduism is that the true understanding of its religious forces cannot be comprehended unless an individual is a true Hindu.

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