Thesis: Pregnancy Issues with Female Prisoners

Sample Thesis Paper

With regard to the special issue of pregnancy in women, Safyer & Richmond (1995) state that “As the number of people behind bars has risen, we have seen a disproportionate increase in the number of women incarcerated, most of whom are in their childbearing years. The number of pregnant women in jails and prisons has, in turn, been escalating” (Safyer & Richmond, 1995).

Safyer & Richmond (1995) assert that a majority of the women imprisoned are in their childbearing years  and those who are not in their childbearing years mostly have children young children smaller than eighteen years in terms of age. Also, almost one in every four women imprisoned has either recently given birth to a child if she is not in labor at that moment (Safyer & Richmond, 1995). As a result, most women choose to conceive during conjugal visits and this increase the risk for complications in pregnancy to take place as a result of the possibility of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and diabetes amongst others; all of whom can have highly damaging implications on the pregnancy.

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