Thesis: Prejudice and Discrimination

Sample Thesis Paper

Fifty years ago an author by the name of Gordon Willard Allport released a book which influenced the field of psychiatry for years to come; he called this book “The Nature of Prejudice.” He was the first person to describe the concept of prejudice as a social science and describe the term as being “an antipathy based upon a faulty and inflexible generalization.” What this essentially means is that prejudice and discrimination are both at their core imperfect concepts which are based on ascertains and aversions which have no tangible verification.

The main reason behind the existence of this concept is to bring a sense of logic to the exploitation of minority groups in an effort to establish dominance of the majority. The reason these individuals can establish this form of control despite the pursuance of reason and logic is the perception of fear. The perception that the individual must be discriminated against because they will ham them, that their view of the world challenge their own. That interacting with these individuals will in some way diminish the majority causing them humiliation, denial of their rights or perhaps even mockery of their status. They will identify the minority with this action because they feel that is how they must treat them, because that is how they must be treated.

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