Thesis: Premature Deaths due to Malnutrition

Sample Thesis Paper

“[N]utrition is a key universal factor that affects, as much as it defines, the health of all people. A banal observation, but the thing is it is so obvious a truth that it is regularly overlooked” (Brundtland).

It comes forth as nothing less than startling that developing countries such as India and Bangladesh and highly developed countries such as China come together to form half the world’s malnourished youth (Duttaroy). These statistics are ones that point to a highly critical level of infringement of human rights since this not only causes a high risk with regard to health issues but also puts forth a number of other related challenges which pose threats to not only health but cause premature deaths in countless cases (Kracht & Schulz).

In instances where premature death does not occur, the individual lives on to be weak and fragile with extremely low productivity and hence never manages to function effectively as a member of society.

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