Thesis: Use of Prepositions-Language and Communication

Sample Thesis Paper

Once the child in 48 months, he/she knows names of familiar animals, can use at least four prepositions in addition to demonstrating their understanding of the same when commanded so. The child knows more than one colour and can repeat four digits when given slowly to them. The child has diphthongs and vowel, well established and the consonants b, m, w, n and p are notably developed.

This age is accompanied by a lot of verbal activities. The child can also repeat a four-syllable word and can follow simple commands even when the stimulus objects are out of sight. Generally, this stage has much word phrase, syllables and even sound repetitions.

At 60 months, he/she is competent in all vowels, consonants m, p, b, h, w, k, g, t, ng, n, y and can repeat sentences as long as nine words (Hamaguchi 2001).  The child has simple time concepts for instance morning, afternoon, later tomorrow and can fairly construct compound and complex sentences.

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