Thesis: Presence of U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan

Sample Thesis Paper

Serious security challenges continue to exist. Attacks on aid workers and military personnel continue to rise, as does the number of suicide bombers. As Ayub and Kuovo (2008) noted that “approximately 8,000 people — among them, 1,500 civilians — were killed in conflicts in 2007” (p. 655).

Throughout the transitional period of the Interim Authority and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan up through the present day, the U.S. and NATO have maintained presence in Afghanistan through military and NGO organizations. An emboldened insurgency of Taliban militias throughout the countryside continues to present a challenge to the Afghan government’s security and efforts to rebuild the country and create the opportunity for peace and prosperity for the Afghan. Critics of the direction of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan in recent years like Ayub and Kuovo (2008) argued that the U.S. government has maintained the need to secure its own sense of security and has sacrificed real state-building efforts designed to serve Afghanistan. They argued that this has resulted in a troubled Afghan government, plagued by inconsistencies of purpose and reflecting “competing and largely incompatible agendas” (p. 647).

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