Thesis: Presence of Women in Cuba in the Mainstream

Sample Thesis Paper

“Women had made up the highest percentage of the country’s illiterates and after 1959 tens of thousands had learned to read. More young women than young men had worked in the literacy campaign. I knew there were more girls than boys at almost every educational level, and more women than before in the labor force. I knew the revolution had given women control over their bodies…”  (Randall 102).

The above passage by the author Margaret Randall serves to show that the presence of women in Cuba in the mainstream was not one that came suddenly and was not one that came completely out of the blue. In fact, women had been out on the streets for quite some time. They knew their relevance in society and were actively contributing to the development of the country. This allows us to conclude that the role and relevance of women in the Cuban was actually severely undermined and the after effects of the revolution served as a channel for women to claim the rights and respect that was rightfully theirs.

The author Margaret Randall makes it a point in her book to ensure that the reader realizes that women had always been contributing to the development of the country and that their decreased recognition for their contributions was nothing more than a denial that the country was going through on account of its instability. The Cuban revolution served to remove the element of instability and allowed women to acquire their much deserved and well earned position in society. A further delving into the book reveals that the author has not simply stated her opinion through the book but has made extensive use of primary and secondary sources in order to ensure that her claims and statements are nothing less than credible. In this regard it would be fair to surmise that her reflection on Cuban women as they were before and after the Cuban revolution is nothing less than highly accurate.

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