Thesis: Press Advertising

Sample Thesis Paper – Press Advertising

Unlike internet and mobile advertising press advertising is considered to be a more conventional medium of advertisement and organizations also adapts this mode of advertising. However at international advertising awards the press advertisement of UK was criticized and it actually appears that the ad agencies of UK are not good at print advertising category. In the Cannes annual awards Harvey Nicholas was the only add that was short listed in the Cannes.

In the Cannes Press Lions awards category the Brits were ignored and although the ads of UK have 293 entries but the irony of the situation is that it picked up no Lions and was only short listed in some of the entries.

Many people consider that it is an investigative or a wider issue but the point arises that is whether the problem at the home of with the Cannes.

Press Advertising

Increased obsession with the television can also be an important factor and individual believe that press and outdoor advertisements are become the replications of televisions ads that is the reason why they are not famous (Campaign 2008).

However, some believe that ad agencies give importance to television ads and they don’t think that print work is as important as other media.

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