Thesis: Press being Reflective Institution

Sample Thesis Paper

The main reasons put forth by the article for the press being a reflective institution are: 1) determination of timing of issues by the government, domestic politicians or other public segments or interest groups. 2) Partisanship of the press as the publishers, editors and columnists often take positions based not on the merits of an issue but on support for a politician, ideological faction or a party. And 3) Pitching coverage to readership-orientations.

Because of the reflective nature of the press, the president can greatly influence it if his competition is not very strong. Politicians, whether supportive or in opposition are often given greater coverage in the press for three reasons: politicians either already possess or are contenders of power, their views carry a ‘primary news value’ as they often involve conflict and because giving coverage to politicians who oppose the administration is viewed by reporters as responsible journalism.

The president can enhance his ability to influence the press by developing and adopting skilful press strategies. The president can carefully orchestrate his influence on the press through selective, purposeful leaks to friendly reporters and columnists, new pronouncements that snatch away the first page and provision of interviews to journalists of varied ideological perspectives.

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