Thesis: The Prevalence of Heroin

Sample Thesis Paper

The prevalence of Heroin and its users has been a long standing problem in the United States for several years especially in it major metropolitan cities such as New York. New York is considered to be one of the major drug trafficking markets for heroin in the world and also has the largest population of Heroin users in the United States. In an attempt to counteract this New York is also home to the largest number of Methadone Clinics.

The use of Heroin has changed over time along with its characteristics. Heroin purity and in turn its health consequences and its mode of use have increased over time or has reached a high level and is essentially a stable market. The profiles of the users of these drugs are also generally consistent. The major source of these profiles comes from methadone treatment centers that treat individuals for their addictions. They typically show a ratio of 3:1 of males to females. They are typically over 30 years of age and have had previous problems with abuse from alcohol, cocaine and marijuana (Brown).

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