Thesis: Preventing Domestic Violence

Sample Thesis Paper

A Social Psychology Perspective

Awareness regarding domestic violence has undergone a significant increase in the last few years as reported incidents of domestic violence have continued to become severe. The movie Enough serves as an iconic example of domestic violence in which spousal abuse is shown for its implications on the victim along with a probing into the reasons because of which the victim chooses to remain with the perpetrator (Kazan, 2002). However, there is a significant need to acquire an understanding of domestic violence through social psychology perspectives if it is to be comprehended on a level from where it can be effectively dealt with. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on the existence of domestic violence in the perspective of social psychology and to bring the discussion to a conclusion through recommendations derived from the inferences concluded upon in the discussion.

Well over a million women are subjected to domestic violence each year and nearly one third of homicide cases in women are those that have come forth as a result of spousal abuse or domestic violence at the hands of their boyfriends (Myers, 2005). Children are also often caught in the rampage of domestic violence and it is not only through the subjection of domestic violence that children are traumatized but also the consistent and frequent exposure to violent behavior can cause children to grow with an under-developed self esteem and depression in most cases.

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