Thesis: Preventing Economic Recession in the United States

Sample Thesis Paper

When we consider the current recession that is occurring in the United States there are several striking similarities with the depression of the 1930s. The United States is currently spending several billion dollars over their annual GDP. The stock market has crashed due to artificial inflation practices adopted by companies such as Bear Sterns which it is still recovering from. Banks such as AIG and the Bank of America have buckled under the pressure of bad investments and loans to homeowners who in turn can no longer pay back their loans due to soaring interest rate. This has lead to a decline in the housing market and several foreclosures. Several businesses and banks such as Chrysler and General Motors have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and unemployment is on the rise as consumer spending has sharply dropped and investments have decreased (Whitney, 208).

The only likely scenario for our exit from the current recession seems to be the artificial stabilization of the economy using funds from the Federal Reserve. This must be supplemented by emphasizing more balanced government spending and government regulation of loans and business practices.

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