Thesis: The Price of Debenhams Products

Sample Thesis Paper

How Would You Describe The Price Of Debenhams Products?

Of the few factors that are essential to the determination of brand loyalty, price is ranked as the one of the most important one. One of the questions in the survey questionnaire was designed to obtain information regarding the pricing that customers experienced at Debenhams. The question was designed to provide the participants with ranks of options to choose from. The grading ranged from Very Cheap to Very Expensive.

A definate fifty percent (50%) of the survey participants claimed that they found Debenhams’ prices to be expensive. Another seventeen percent (17%) graded the prices at Debenhams to be very expensive while a quarter of the survey participants chose to state that the prices offered at Debenhams were quite moderate. A small eight percent of the survey participants (8%) chose to state that Debenhams’ prices were cheap while not a single one of the survey participants graded the prices at Debenhams’ to be very cheap.

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