Thesis: Primary Data Collection

Sample Thesis Paper

Primary data collection in the case of this research shall be carried out through the implementation of a research questionnaire. The research questionnaire shall comprise of a combination of closed ended and open ended questions and shall serve to specifically shed light on specific research variables (Bajaj, 2000). The survey questionnaire shall also serve the purpose of providing the research with an up to data picture of the current scenario that exists with regard to the subject of the research. The purpose of the study shall remain to be the study of the psychological implications of transgender men verses gay men. In doing so, the research will attempt to establish the relationship through which a transgender would be attracted to men as opposed to gay men. This will then eventually be translated into the establishment of the reason because of which gay men are attracted to men and are therefore considered to be gay.

The survey questionnaire shall serve to develop a comprehensive understanding of the attitudes and perceptions of the members of the community under observation. The survey questionnaire shall be designed in a manner such that it shall contain a combination of closed ended and open ended questions in order to allow the research to be carried out in a manner that seeks to integrate qualitative and quantitative research (Balnaves & Caputi, 2001). It is important to highlight here that the survey questionnaire shall be delivered to respondents only once the permission of the instructor to do so has been acquired and once the participants have been made aware of the objectives of the research along with their rights to privacy and to withdraw if they choose it.

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