Thesis: Primary Findings on Cellular Phones

Sample Thesis Paper

It was observed that the majority of the respondents were male as they constituted fifty seven percent of the total survey samples while female share of the respondents comprised of forty three percent of the survey sample. It is imperative to highlight at this point that the survey questionnaire was designed to allow the respondent to maintain a neutral stance in response to the inquired questions. However, it was observed that a very minute share of respondents chose to remain neutral in their responses and this share of respondents was not one that came forth as one that could possibly influence the findings if it took a position in the future.

It was observed that a majority of the respondents considered advanced technology to be the most imperative criteria when they consider making a purchase of a cell phone.  The second most important attribute that the respondents considered imperative was price while the third most important attribute that the respondents considered imperative was design. Other notable preferences included user friendliness, level of advertisement and durability while considerably little significance was given to attributes such as level of availability in convenient locations and availability of unique functions.

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