Thesis: Primary Research: Survey Questionnaire

Sample Thesis Paper

The survey questionnaire approach allows the researcher to acquire data in a form such that it can be analyzed in its initial form in later stages of the research (Kothari, 2005). The survey questionnaire approach in this research has been employed in order to ensure that a clear and comprehensive perception of the intricacies of the research can be established.

The survey questionnaire was designed to acquire a thorough picture of the perception held by the participant with regard to organization-wide change in an educational institution. In order to do so, the survey questionnaire was designed in a manner such that each question was derived from the context of a former research study while the collective output from the research questionnaire was directed towards a new and credible set of findings. The use of former research studies in the formulation of the questions for the survey questionnaire allowed the questions asked in the survey questionnaire to possess an in-depth context and meaning towards the subject of the research.

The questionnaire initiated by providing the survey participant with a brief overview of the objective of the research and an overview of the sponsor of the research and the expected duration of time that the participant will have to dedicate to the survey questionnaire in order to contribute to the research. The participant was assured that the answers provided by the participant in the survey questionnaire would be kept completely confidential and would not be disclosed without the participants consent. The participant was also assured that the information accumulated would be used for the singular purpose of the development of this research and would not be used for any other purpose. The participants were also given the right to have their contributions withdrawn from the research if they chose.

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