Thesis: Primary Research for UK Banking Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

The primary research for the study shall be carried out via primary data collection instruments (Ketchen and Bergh 2006). In this regard, the study has the option to choose between survey questionnaires and interviews. Both shall target consumers of UK banks and shall seek to establish how negative or unpleasant experiences with banks cause consumers to react.

The data collection instruments shall be subjected upon only those research participants who volunteer their services and who have been made full aware of the objective of the research and have given their consent to the usage of their provided information in the research (Kothari 2008).

The primary research will allow the study to explore firsthand the manner in which consumers of UK banks perceive the relevance the banks in the UK give to them. It will allow reactions to be judged with respect to individual forms of unpleasant experiences that can occur for a consumer.

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