Thesis: Prisoner Population in Female Prisoners

Sample Thesis Paper

Between the years of 2000 and 2006, prisoner population in female prisoners was reported to be almost over three percent per year while the increase rate in the male population of prisoners in the US was reported to have increased by no more than two percent per year. It has been suggested that the gap between the number of female prisoners and the male prisoners will continue to increase and this increase will not only be experienced by the US but is actually an issue of international relevance (Moloney, Bergh, & Moller, 2009).

It has been recognized that as compared to male prisoners, female prisoners are imprisoned on account of violations of law pertaining to corruption in real estate or similar non-violent breaches of law. The assurance of healthcare in female prisons has almost always been a highly criticized and almost controversial issue with different perspectives present on it. Aspects such as pregnancy and other female-only issues often cause debates on whether women should be given certain facilities and rights in prison or not. Nonetheless, in order to ensure that once released, the former female prisoners are able to become healthy and well functioning elements of society, it is essential to ascertain that the physical and emotional health of the detainees does not suffer such that they become a liability to society after they have been released.

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