Thesis: Problems faced by the Continental Army in the War

Sample Thesis Paper

The uniforms of the soldiers were considered to be one of the constant problems throughout the war. Many soldiers would agree to re-enlist if they would be allowed to go home and obtain proper clothing. Washington came up with a solution which detailed a hunting shirt made of fringed buckskin, linen or wool. Men who lived near the frontier used deerskin shirts which lasted longer. The clothing was practical and the edges were adorned with ornaments.

The shirts also had two collars, one which went around their neck and second which went around their shoulders. This allowed them to pull the collar above their heads in case of rain or tie them up in case of cold. These shirts came in a variety of colors which ranged from brown to white to yellow to blue to purple. Eventually according to the orders of congress the men were required to wear uniforms to give them some form of regularity. These uniforms were paid for by the state or various regiments themselves. The primary material used to make these brown coats was wool. This would provide an advantage in winter and a disadvantage in summer, but would last longer than cotton or linen. Their buttons were made of bone or wood and their shoes consisted of a vamp covered with a form of leather tongue which covered a soldier up to his ankles. Each state had its own standardized colors (Neimeyer, 1997, p.2-3).

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