Thesis: The Process of Speeding up Cash Flows

Sample Thesis Paper

The research hypothesis of the current research was that the process of speeding up cash flows was dependent on multiple techniques rather than a single technique. The findings from the evaluation of primary and secondary data enabled the researcher not only to answer the research questions presented in the initial stage of research but also validate the research hypothesis. It was found that companies implement a combination of techniques rather than a single technique for speeding up cash flows. It was found during the research that cash flows were the most important and relevant factor in determining the financial position of a company and that the companies increase their cash flows to be able to manage business efficiently but also take advantage of any opportunities and avoid any losses due to unexpected changes in the economy.

The three main elements of the financial statements concerning cash flows and the speed of cash flows were found to be inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable. The efficient management of these balance sheet items enable companies to speed up cash flows and companies usually apply these techniques simultaneously and as a combination instead of applying one technique at a time to achieve optimum speed of cash flows. Based on the findings of the primary and secondary research the research hypothesis that the speed of cash flows is dependent on multiple techniques rather than a single technique is validated and accepted. It is thus concluded that the speed of cash flows is not dependent on a single technique and multiple techniques should be applied instead.

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