Thesis: Procurement at Rural Payments Agency

Sample Thesis Paper

The procurement of the IT based system that the v employed to stream line their options pertained to the purchase of a off the shelf software. However as the nature of the company and its businesses operations were not standardized, the implementation of the software in the company required significant repetitive changes to be made business processes. As a result the scope of the program fluctuated, resulting in an increase in its scope that made it much harder to manage for the Rural Payments Agency.

The presentation makes recommendation for the program management approach at the Rural Payments Agency. The presentation highlights that the way the program was managed and the approaches that were taken for management were not appropriate as per the aims and the objectives identified by the company and the required outcome that they were looking for. The company did not identify a definite time horizon for the implementation of the programs and its completion, aside from this the company focused on the outputs of the program and the IT procurement software instead of the outcomes that the approach taken towards program management. Moreover the framework and the roles and responsibilities at the organization were also unclear that led to the de-fragmented management at the company and the resultant chaos in management of the project. The focus of the program management was not on an effective and efficient implementation of the program focused on the desired outcomes, instead it was more focused on how and what had to be managed for the output that the company required from the management of the program.

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