Thesis: Product Line Extension for Colgate

Sample Thesis Paper

Executive Summary

This paper explores a product line extension for Colgate Palmolive. The product is the Colgate Palmolive Mouth Freshening Mint and has been designed to be in line with Colgate Palmolive’s standard methodology of operation which is to ensure dental care. However, as it shall become evident in the later paragraphs, it shall also serve as Colgate Palmolive’s entry in the confectionary market while playing the role of a breakthrough in affordable and convenient dental care. The product will make use of the Colgate Palmolive distribution system as well as the brand name. The product may have to face off aggressive attack strategies from the confectionary industry if it captures a significant market share and may therefore have to sustain its position through a well defined defence strategy (Kotler and Keller 1998 p.365).


The origins of Colgate date back to 1806 to New York City (Colgate Palmolive Company 2010). Initially, Colgate began by selling soap and starch along with candles and the first factory was not set up until almost two decades from its origin had passed. Currently, Colgate revenues are reported to be over $15 billion and Colgate is known as Colgate Palmolive. Along with its numerous subsidiaries, Colgate Palmolive functions in the personal, oral and home care industry and the pet nutrition industry (Hoover’s, Inc. 2010).

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