Thesis: Product Situation of Colgate Palmolive

Sample Thesis Paper

Core Product

The core product in the case of the Colgate Palmolive Mouth Freshening Mint shall be the minted candy. The core product shall attempt to cater to a desire to consume the toothpaste that becomes extensively tasteful when it is being used. Instead of letting the consumer consume the inedible toothpaste, the consumer will be allowed to enjoy the very same taste and freshness in the form of edible mints that shall taste like the product’s flagship toothpaste.

Secondary Product

The secondary product shall be the service that the core product shall provide the consumer in the form of the protection of the teeth from decay and harm while providing a minty fresh feeling at the same time. The idea will be to allow consumers to chew on the Colgate Palmolive Mouth Freshening Mint every time they wish to acquire the same fresh feeling that they would if they brushed their teeth but are not present in any location from where they could acquire access to toothpaste and a toothbrush.

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