Thesis: Production of Heroin

Sample Thesis Paper

Heroin is one such drug, synthesized from morphine; the illegality of heroin can be traced back to the 1900s. In 1880 the United States and the Chinese Qing Dynasty reached an agreement between the two countries which allowed the import export of opium from Chinese borders to the United States. The first company which began production of heroin in 1898 on a commercial basis was the Bayer Company.

Alder Wright was the chief chemist who synthesized Heroin. The use of heroin was found to be far more effective than drugs such as codeine in respiratory diseases. It was at the time considered so effective that it was even endorsed by the American Medical Association. However, unlike codeine they found that repeated use of the drug increased the tolerance of patients to it turning them into addicts. Morphine users in 1910 discovered the euphoric side effects of the use of heroin through intravenous injection which further its popularity. Heroin as a base was not in its addictive form rather when it was converted into a salt it became 25 times more powerful than Morphine which was already 10 times more powerful than opium (Chepesiuk). By 1911 the United States boasted the greatest number of users, as well as the greatest number of drugs which may be abused in the world. At the time the use of opium among the population of 155,000 was around 500,000 pounds (Marshall).

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