Thesis: Products Sold by Samsung Electronics

Sample Thesis Paper

It is recognized as one of the world leaders in consumer electronics and operates in Asia and America as well as in Europe. Samsung Electronics is based in the city of Seoul in South Korea. Samsung electronics employs over 150000 people and operates in four key areas. Semi Conductors is Samsung Electronics’ key area of functioning. Beside semi-conductors, Samsung electronics also deals in home appliances, consumer electronics and communication products and services. It is important to note that a considerable amount of Samsung Electronics’ operations occur through subsidiaries.

The sector of communication products deals with telecommunication products and services which are sold in the form of products and solutions to consumers. This sector of Samsung electronics manufactures an expansive variety of mobile phones besides network systems, computer systems, Music players and key phones amongst others. Telecommunication systems is a much larger combination of product and services that this sector provides.

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