Thesis: Profile of Korean Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Sample Thesis Paper

As noted earlier, the following paragraphs shall present profiles of Samsung and LG since these two companies have been selected in this study as companies that can be considered as representative of Korea’s telecommunication industry in the world market. This selection was based on the fact that the Samsung and LG hold significant position in the global telecommunication industry as well as in the Korean telecommunication industry.

3.2.1 LG Mobile

LG functions in the Korean Mobile Phone Industry through LG Telecom which is LG’s wireless division. LG is recognized in the Korean Mobile Phone Industry for its advanced Mobile Banking services that it offers through collaborations with major banks. LG holds the position of a pioneer when considered in light of the fact that it was the first company to introduce mobile banking in 2003. Most of LG Telecom’s sales take place through agents however, not all revenues pertain to handset sales. Sales of handsets account for only 30% of LG Telecom’s revenues.

Based in Seoul, Korea, LG telecom is a part of the LG group and provides telecommunication products and services to consumers. LG Telecom was formed in 1996 and acquired authorization to perform research and development as a national centre for industrial research. 1998 saw LG Telecom enter into a partnership with Venezuelan PCS Consortium and separately with British Telecom which brought a 23% stake in LG Telecom. Commercial services were launched in 1998 and eventually become a pioneer with regard to the services offered by a mobile and telecommunication company. LG Mobile is responsible for launching several unique and innovative programs to consumers. However, it was not until 2008 that LG Mobile became a part of the Korea Composite Stock Price Index. According to statistics taken in 2009, LG employs over 2300 employees in Korea alone. LG Mobile faces competition from KT Freetel, the KT Corporation, SK Telecom Co., Ltd. and the Samsung Group. Services offered by LG Mobile include Mobile Internet services, Global roaming phone rental service, OZ 3G data service, BankOn and mobile payment service, Gas discount, PassON toll payment service and Home zone service.

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