Thesis: Promised Quality of Services by Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper


In order for Debenhams to achieve success, it is necessary for Debenhams to deliver what it promises to its customers. Perhaps one of the most interesting replies that were received by the survey participants was the one that was in reply to this particular question.
The question was aimed to find out the degree of reliance and trust that the customers had developed for Debenhams or the reliance and trust that could be developed in the future, based on the quality products and services that Debenhams provides. When faced with this particular question, a remarkable majority of over eighty percent (8%) was of the opinion that Debenhams always delivers products of the same quality that it promises. This 83% majority held the lion’s share of the answer to the questionnaire while only an eight percent (8%) of the survey participants were of the opinion that Debenhams does not deliver the quality of services and products that it promises. The relevance of this particular eight percent (8%) of the survey participants will be analyzed in the following paragraphs at a later stage in the paper. However, an eight percent (8%) of the survey participants chose not to answer the question at all. The details for the results received for this question can be witnessed in Chart 7.

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