Thesis: Propaganda Techniques

Sample Thesis Paper


Anger is the development of frustration created as a result of the incidence of an unwanted event (Kamalipour and Snow). The event, regardless of its nature, is not desired and therefore causes an unpleasant feeling to develop that calls for action to be taken against the incidence of the event. Fundamentally, it is the difference between the scenario that is desired and that which is undesired but is still occurring.

Anonymous Sources

An anonymous source is a channel through which information is received without giving credit to it. In the case of anonymous sources, the information is transmitted but the channel that communicated the information to the end-user of the same information chooses to remain unidentified for any reason  (Kamalipour and Snow).


To apologize is to present an argument by putting forth an action that was previously performed and then accepting blame for any offense that the performance of that action may have created. Furthermore, apologizing also entails providing details about specific constituents of the event in question  (Kamalipour and Snow).


Association is the connection of one element with another to bring forth a resulting cause-and-effect relationship between the two elements being connected. This generally requires placing the elements in the frame of reference in order to address both of them in the same context  (Kamalipour and Snow).


A bandwagon is an informal name given to a school of thought, idea, or perception that acquires popularity for a limited period of time after which its relevance fades away. However, during this period, a large number of people seek to become recognized as subscribers of that school of thought  (Kamalipour and Snow).

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