Thesis: Self Protective Leadership in Singapore

Sample Thesis Paper

If one was to consider Self protective leadership in terms of its prevalence in the case of Singapore, one can see that it is almost rare to observe an occurrence of Self-Protective leadership. From the discussion presented above, we can surmise that this may be because of the fact that other forms of leadership prevail far too actively to allow any elements of self protective leadership to take root. Needless to say, Self protective leadership is related with the safety and security of the leader and it comes as no surprise that in Singapore the phenomenon of self protective leadership is allotted an F by GLOBE and the score of Singapore is 3.31.


Therefore, it can be concluded that leadership is an important varies from culture to culture and in the case of Singapore, it holds an extremely significant position. If one was to contrast the factors of leadership discussed above in terms of Singapore, one can observe that the element of autocracy prevails in the organizations and phenomenon’s like charismatic leadership, team oriented leadership etc are lagging behind. Organizational development and efficiency of an organization is based on the leadership styles and the leadership styles of Singapore is highly varied which is the reason why newer and modernized models of leadership are considered to be of primary importance in Singapore.

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