Thesis: Purpose of the Articles of the Confederation

Sample Thesis Paper

By contrast the articles of the confederation were brought into being as a response to the rejection of the British law and legislation and the branding of congress as traitors. It was decided that the article could not be ratified until accepted by all thirteen colonies. Members of the continental congress structured the government in such a way as to grant sovereignty to both the states and the federal government protecting their liberties. They put a unicameral legislation in place.

Since the articles were mainly created to unify the colonies in the American revolutionary war the powers of the central government were limited. They had no right to regulate trade and levy taxes. The articles in their current state also made it impossible for the central government to collect past debts and taxes. Each state had one vote and had judicial authority for enforcing laws and legislation. However congress could settle dispute between states. All any amendment to the articles required the support of 9 of 13 states. The central government also had no president and no central court.

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