Thesis: Purpose of Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Through secondary research we have evaluated certain aspects of value chain management and how organizations benefit from value chain. Effectiveness and examples of value chain management are given below:

Value chain management has become an enormous phenomenon of modern day management and it actually moves the businesses from different streams of data to a unified source of information. It helps the businesses to coordinate with its suppliers and customers in a proactive manner. The ultimate goal of value chain management is to provide full and unspoiled interaction among all the related members of the chain. It actually results in low inventories, higher level of customer satisfaction and a lesser time to market the products and services. However, certain obstacles are significant in the value chain and for starters many organizations believe that it’s a time consuming process and this methodology of working is costly too. Companies believe that they often face institutional barriers in communication between far-flung and operational disparate divisions.

In order to expand the market share, enhance the productivity and increase the revenues organizations that are working in highly competitive industries must manage their value chains in an effective and efficient manner. In the manufacturing sectors the firms must link all the diverse activities is such a way that all their selling and production schedules create value for the customers. All the competitive firms are trying hard to a developing a stable and a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with their suppliers and their customers. Organizations in a competitive environment and those who are labeled as cutting edge organizations must analyze strategically and link their operations and every segment of the value chain in an effective manner. These elements include research and development activities, new investment, raw materials, logistics, marketing and sales, repair and service and distribution of the product (Berry & Rondinelli, 1998).

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