Thesis: Purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility

Sample Thesis Paper

Corporate Social Responsibility allows companies to take on a form of development through which does not only benefit their corporate profile. Through engagement in corporate social responsibility, companies are able to contribute to the development of the society by taking on responsibility for the development of the society. The productivity in the exercising of Corporate Social Responsibility comes forth in the fact that it serves to create an undeniable degree of good will across consumers and eventually encourages consumers to purchase the product. More specifically, “can differentiate their brands and reputations, as well as their products and services, if they take responsibility for the well-being of the societies and environments in which they operate. These companies are practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a manner that generates significant returns to their businesses” (Pohle and Hittner 2008).

It is apparent from this introductory elaboration of Corporate Social Responsibility that Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of social engagement in which the organization becomes heavily interactive with the consumer, thereby placing an extensive degree of reliance on consumer perception of Corporate Social Responsibility. In cases where the consumer perception with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility is one that is unfavourable towards the subject organization or to Corporate Social Responsibility in general, the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts may go in vain and the organization may end up experiencing a backlash instead of the development of good will and acquiring higher returns from consumers. In this regard, while an extensive degree of literature is present on Corporate Social Responsibility, there is very little that attempts to explore the implications of the perceptions that consumers hold upon Corporate Social Responsibility.

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