Thesis: Purpose of Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

Outsourcing comes across as a highly feasible concept because of the fact that it takes the simple concept of decentralization to another level. It decentralizes the organization’s operations right out o the organization and by doing so it not only allows the organization to experience a saving in terms of resources but also allows for a simultaneous expansion of business opportunities. It allows small businesses a chance to grow and develop as they engage in specialization of products and services.

An example of how outsourcing can result in the expansion and growth of other businesses can be found in the case of IBM. IBM commissioned Microsoft as its operating system writer while outsourcing is chip building operations to Intel. Today, while Microsoft and Intel are of critical importance to IBM and its success, both IBM and Intel has managed become leading players in the international market on account of their roles as outsourcing agents to IBM.

On a broad level, the Outsourcing process generally constitutes four key stages. These are “planning, developing, implementing and evaluation” (Zhu, Hsu, & Lillie, 2001).

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