Thesis: Qatar Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

In the case of Qatar, it was evident that the respondents considered the presence of a strong need for private companies to bear civil responsibilities. Judging by the fact that the Qatar economy is one that is currently rapidly developing and has not reached a level of development where it can be considered to be parallel to stronger and more stable economies such as the UK economy and the US economy, it comes as no surprise that even though the desire to have private companies bear civil responsibilities exist, a significant share of respondent chose to neither agree nor disagree. With the passage of time and the development of the Qatar economy, we can surmise that this nineteen percent may choose to take a stance and may eventually end up either strongly agreeing or strongly disagreeing.

In the case of the UK however, it was observed that the respondents’ did not share an element of doubt and chose to consider the need to have private companies bear civil responsibilities outright. The three percent of the respondents who chose to disagree with the notion of assigning civil responsibilities to private companies did not show much of a share as compared to the staggering sixty two percent of the respondents who chose to strongly agree. The fact that another twenty seven percent chose to agree and only eight percent were left to fall in none of the answer categories serves to show that unless there is a significant change in the UK economy, a shifting of the small eight percent of neutral respondents will have very little or no effect on the observations that came forth in the case of this question. This speculation can be made in light of the fact that even if the eight percent of the neutral survey questionnaire respondents were to shift to either one of the disagree or strongly disagree stances, the majority would still be held by those who agree and strongly agree to the notion that private companies should in fact have civil responsibilities.

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