Thesis: Qlikview for iPhone

Sample Thesis Paper

All the applications brought forth and discussed to this point in this paper were those that dealt with individual parts of an organization. Qlikview for iPhone is an application that was found to be one that could serve as the centre point for all other applications (Green, 2009). The application integrates with Qlikview which is an ERP develop software and is used to develop business intelligence levels.

Basically the application, along with its parent program and host, provides the user with a fast and easy way of generating performance reports through which an individual or an organization can attempt to make better decisions. The viability of the application becomes further evident when one considers the fact that it is capable of processing almost all forms of data that an organization’s operations can constitute and is therefore highly adaptable (Green, 2009). For instance, a combined look at sales data, inventory status and logistics standings may appear to be a highly intricate procedure but becomes fairly convenient and mobile when carried out through the Qlikview for iPhone. By doing so, Qlikview allows professionals to save significant time and perform a thorough analysis of their ERP system.

The application can be trusted to acquire acceptance at a rapid rate since the functionality is similar to that found in the case of the iPhone’s and therefore incorporates a minimum-time learning curve. The purpose o the selection of this application is that it will allow users to acquire complete knowledge of the position of the business (Green, 2009). Another reason because of which Qlikview is recommended is the fact that it is backed with active server support and is not a standalone application but functions in coordination with expansive intuitive business intelligence software. The information stored is of a nature so that it can be accessed from any point through the subject Smartphone and can therefore be brought into use whenever needed and wherever needed.

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