Thesis: The Qualitative Approach

Sample Thesis Paper

The Qualitative Approach is one that addresses the accumulation, handling and analysis of information that is generally unstructured and does not adhere to any specific grading scale or measurement gradient. The qualitative approach is generally adopted in scenarios where the need to acquire an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships through underlying facts exists (Goddard & Melville, 2004). In order to do so, the qualitative approach attempts to acquire a picture of the degree to which variables are uniform and areas in which inconsistencies exist.

Data analysis techniques in the case of qualitative research generally incorporate the accumulation of data through videos, photographs, feedback forms, emails, interviews and recordings (Gubrium & Holstein, 2002). The data acquired in the case of the qualitative approach is seldom in the form of numerical facts and figures and in the event that it is expressed in terms of numerical magnitudes, the odds of acquiring credible findings upon the subjection of the data to mathematical and statistical formulae are extremely low.

Since the implementation of the qualitative approach serves to provide an insight into the variables of the research rather than a measure which is the case in the quantitative approach. Behaviors and attitudes are commonly addressed components of the qualitative approach and frequent analysis of opinions, behavioral characteristics, judgments, outlooks, estimations and attitudes is performed. Focus groups, unstructured interviews and similar other techniques are frequently brought into use to accumulate data of such nature. (Ketchen & Bergh, 2004) The Qualitative approach can be segmented further into two approaches: The Inductive Approach and the Deductive Approach.

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