Thesis: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches

Sample Thesis Paper

The establishment of a concrete research methodology allows for the establishment of a systematic procedure for the research to follow and upon which the credibility of the research can be accredited upon. In a broad perspective, the two research approaches that constitute the central foundation of research are the Qualitative Approach and the Quantitative Approach (Wellington, 2000).

These research approaches have been designed to allow studies to be carried out in manners that are most suited to the research variables in terms of the compatibility of the research procedure to the research variables. It is therefore evident that each of the two research approaches mentioned above incorporate unique attributes as well as unique limitations alongside their obvious advantages (Scruggs & Mastropieri, 2006). However, considering the fact that the limitations present in a research are generally quite significant and have to be considered adequately before the research can be subjected to a complete implementation, this study shall incorporate a separate discussion on the posed limitations.

This particular research has been designed such that it employs the survey questionnaire as the data collection instrument for the primary research and shall make use of the literature review for the purpose of secondary research. The survey questionnaire has been chosen as the primary research instrument in light of the consideration that the subject of the research incorporates a large number of variables that incorporate unstructured information (Tesch, 1990). It is for the same reason that the qualitative approach shall constitute the fundamental building block of the research.

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