Thesis: Qualitative Research

Sample Thesis Paper

The Qualitative approach is one that is generally brought into use in cases where a significant degree of research has to be carried out on research variables that include amorphous variables. Qualitative research is usually adopted as a research methodology in studies where the information to be processed is unstructured and is composed of opinions, attitudes, preferences, prejudices, dislikes and other similar elements (Goddard & Melville, 2004). Qualitative research tends to go beyond factual accuracy and attempts to delve into the reasons because of which a cause-and-effect relationship exists. Common research instruments brought into use to collect qualitative data include videos, feedback forms, emails, interviews, open ended questionnaires and the like.

The qualitative approach also entails the inductive and the deductive approaches. In the inductive approach, the research is carried out in a manner such that a specific scenario is closely observed and evaluated to acquire an understanding of the cause-and-effect relationships that exist in the scenario. The findings from this specific scenario are then applied in a manner such that the findings are generalized to acquire an understanding of a broader scenario (Flick, 2009). In the deductive approach, the research initiates by analyzing a broader framework and then converging the findings from the broader framework on to a more specific scenario.

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