Thesis: Quantitative Approach

Sample Thesis Paper

The quantitative research is a research approach that incorporates the use of statistical instruments for the testing and analysis of the acquired data (Deci & Ryan, 2004). The quantitative approach employs a significant degree of hypothetical formulation during that is subjected to testing and verification through the statistical tools and instruments.
Sample selection is a high priority attribute of the quantitative approach since the sample in the quantitative approach can lead the research to misleading findings in the event that a biased or uneven sample is selected (Balnaves & Caputi, 2001). It is therefore generally recommended that random sampling methods are employed in the research in cases where the quantitative approach is being followed.
In a research being carried out through the quantitative approach, the data is generally accumulated through instruments such as survey questionnaires and interviews. In other cases, quantitative data can also be acquired through observation or by accessing of data records through a third party source (Berg & Latin, 2007). However, the fundamental aspect remains the same: to collect numerical facts and figures that can be interpreted and translated into information to decipher potential cause and effect relationships as well as the general tendencies of change that exist in the scenario to which the data belongs(Bajaj, 2000). The data is also often brought into use to establish patterns and trends in systems through the analysis of their behavioral characteristics. The quantitative approach is highly recommended in cases where the research incorporates variables that can be expressed in terms of numerical figures which can then be subjected to statistical formulae. In such cases, the application of a quantitative research provides a high level of accuracy and effectiveness in the findings of the research.

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