Thesis: Using Quantitative Research for Drug Abuse

Sample Thesis Paper

On the other hand, quantitative type of research would be used since the fact that it is concerned with people’s behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of the reality of facts would best be addressed. The fact that America believes in excellence and dominance in activities which they engage in could be the major perception and attitude through which drugs are used in enhancing performance. Quantitative research would also help in the interviewing process as it also caters for a number of self completion methods which include the use of online surveys and electronic mails.

Despite the minor challenges arrived faced with the use of quantitative research, it is evident that the research method best suits for use in some research fields. The method would be employed in this research in cases where there would be no need to make very detailed analysis of the research. Less time and resources is invested in this type of research thus making it very crucial in this research process. Additionally, the method best suits this kinds of research study that falls under categories such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, among other social sciences.

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