Thesis: Queen Rania of Jordan After 1999

Sample Thesis Paper

In 1999 she took her first official visit to Macedonia in Kosovo where she delivered food and clothing to the war torn people on her first day as queen. Approximately one year later seeing the plight of the Kosovo refugees she began the first micro financing system in the village to aid impoverished women and children (Jordan Times).
The Royal Commission on Human rights was formed by King Abdullah on 28th of March 2000. He made his wife Queen Rania chairperson of this organization. Her eventual work in the field of human rights resulted in the creation of the National Centre for human rights. This organization was created to ensure that the human rights policies and standards of Jordan were in line with international standards (Rights and Humanity).
How she helped Families

A staunch advocate for family values she is the chairperson for the National team for family safety started in 2000. It was created to ensure the safety of women and children particularly in matters of abuse. She also spearheaded the development of the National team for Early Childhood Development in 2000 to improve awareness about the importance of development in early childhood in Jordan. This was followed by the creation of the National Council for Family Affairs in 2001. The organization was created to increase unity between the Jordanian public and civil organizations and to help improve the lives of Jordanian families (World Health Organization). In February of 2008 she launched the National Council for Family Affairs National Database for Family Affairs to provide lawmakers, sociologists and psychologists’ information on family affairs to aid them in matters of research, treatment and legislation (Royal Hashemite Court).

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