Thesis: Rate of Alzheimer’s is Increasing World Over

Although the rates of new cases of Alzheimer’s are increasing world over, Canada’s trend is very worrying. Experts have attributed this to the fact that Canada’s population is an aging one and as we now know, age is the most important contributing factor to the development and progression of the diseases. Unfortunately, these figures are set to rise in the few coming years. In its report, The Rising Tide (2010), the

Alzheimer Society of Canada recorded that from research studies carried out, the projections of people living with Alzheimer in 2038 will be at over one million. These projections are based on the incidence rates given by the same report. According to the report, the incidence rates stand at 103,700 new cases per year (ASC, 2010). Now, this is quite alarming and something needs to be done fast enough to prevent this calamity from ever taking place. Apart from that, research on new ways to manage the disease and how to cure it should also be ongoing.

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