Thesis: Rationales and strategies for change in Organization

Sample Thesis Paper

Change is normally observed in organizations in the forms of Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, modification in corporate or product strategy and change in competitive landscapes (CBS Interactive Inc. 2008).

Organizations resort to organizational change when a need for an improvement in operating results is required (Brown 2005). Often at times, this need is complimented by a desire to lower operating expenses in order to increase the profit margin being made. Actions such as centralizing, decentralization, shutting down and spinning off of various organizational are more than often a part of these organizational level changes (CBS Interactive Inc. 2008). Operating and administrative functions are heavily targeted for alteration in these processes.

In certain cases, the change can be more active when it is observed in the form of mergers and acquisitions in order to exercise efficient restructuring (CBS Interactive Inc. 2008). Where mergers and acquisitions have to be avoided, measures such as changes in corporate or product strategy are implemented since they tend to spur a chain of self reorganization within the organizational environment.

The rapidly evolving international economy has led organizations to continuously rethink and reconsider their strategies and market positioning approaches in the last few years (AME Info FZ LLC 2005). Organizations are spending relatively more resources on reassessments and drastic changes on the organizational level have become a common occurrence in the business world (Navarro 2000).

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