Thesis: Readiness to commit to Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

The company has to monitor whether or not it is ready to engage in the long term commitment that participation in a long term outsourcing contract can bring. A comprehensive perspective shall have to be given to identify whether or not the company is in a state where it will be able to sustain staff commitment. In this regard, it should also be considered if the company can be expected to bring in the outsourced process with ease in the event that the outsourcing venture fails to deliver.

Often the costs associated with closing down a contract with an outsourcing agent can serve to destroy any benefits that the company may have acquired from its previous outsourcing agent. Switching costs alone can put the company in a vulnerable situation (Embleton & Wright, 1998). In this regard, it is imperative for the company to thoroughly evaluate whether it is in a state where it will be able to deal with the worst case scenario or where the collateral damage of the closure of the outsourcing process will be of a disastrous nature. In this regard, it would be productive for the company to take shareholder sentiments into account.

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