Thesis: Readiness of Human Capital for Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

The company will have to evaluate its readiness to adjust to the changes that engagement in the outsourcing process may bring. For instance, it is necessary to evaluate whether or not it is in a position to handle with the changes in the human resource of the company once the outsourcing process takes place. It is only natural for the level of restlessness in the human resource of the organization to increase in cases such as these.

In such scenarios, the organization has to be prepared before hand to deal with issues pertaining to employees leaving the firm and employees wishing to be transferred to other departments. In such cases, the company may have to channel resources towards the hiring of placement services in order to ensure that negative sentiments regarding the company can be suppressed. The reason because of which this factor merits highlighting is because it is one that generally takes on a unique form in every outsourcing case. The implications can be highly unexpected. For instance, employees being laid off or readjusted can also be expected to show a willingness to join the outsourcing agent organization.

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