Thesis: Real World Examples of Data Warehousing

Sample Thesis Paper

When evaluating whether or not data warehousing has to be implemented in an organization, it is essential to begin by judging the business requirements of the organization including the volume of investment and return that will be acquired (Humphries, Hawkins and Dy 1999).

Companies that have used the SAP R/3 have reported overall positive results to have been observed. However, it should be kept in consideration that the SAP S/3 requires a large scale organization-wide implementation and therefore cannot be expected to be implemented without resistance to the large scale change. It is perhaps because of the same reason that organizations adopting the SAP R/3 have reported employee dissatisfaction at having to work harder on the R/3 (Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. 2003). It can be surmised therefore that even though the SAP R/3 presents a high level of utility, it still requires a considerable learning curve as opposed to traditional data storage and retrieval software.

However, the transition from a traditional IT structure to the SAP R/3 is a fairly in-complex one. This is because the SAP R/3 is highly versatile and highly compatible to individual applications. While there have been reports that the implementation of the SAP R/3 requires an undeniably significant degree of transferring data from one setup to another, the end result has been recorded to be more than optimal performance (SAP 2003). Another aspect worth mentioning about the implementation experience of the SAP R/3 is that the SAP R/3 allows integration with the internet. This is made possible through SAP’s extensive networking.

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