Thesis: Realization of Basic Nutrition as a Human Right

Sample Thesis Paper

As a result of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, there have been numerous developments directed towards the development of a clear perception and understanding of the right to food as it exists in its precise form (Duttaroy). The developments made serve to contribute to the understanding that there the presence of proper nutrition comes forth as an element that is vital to the growth and development of every individual and it is for the same reason that it is next to mandatory that every individual has access to adequate nutrition at every stage of their lives.

However, the fundamental attention in this regard remains upon the necessity of adequate nutrition during fetal development. The absence does not merely mean the eventual occurrence of the implications mentioned above but also means in terms of human rights that an individual is being deprived of his/her right to adequate nutrition even before birth has taken place. In blunt terms, the individual’s cognitive, social, health, performance and growth abilities are compromised before birth.

Considering the depth of the role of adequate nutrition in the life of every individual, it would be unjustified to consider basic nutrition as anything less than a basic human right. It is important to note however that this discussion has stressed on basic nutrition and this aspect of the discussion does not in any case mean that the nutrition to be ensured complies with the standards of the bare minimum but the term, basic nutrition, implies that there is a need to provide nutrition based on standardized requirements that an individual’s body requires (Kracht & Schulz).

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