Thesis: Realization of Feelings

Sample Thesis Paper

Such a feeling is only realized if the members are proud of the group and motel. As a leader, I should be proud of my team in order for the followers to adopt the same approach. This style is supported by the participative leadership theory. Suggestion is that people are more committed if they are involved in decision making. In addition they have less competition if they are working together in collaboration.

How intrinsic and extrinsic motivations play a role in this case? Looking at the working conditions within Western motels, it is clear that intrinsic motivation does not exist. The maids do not have enough intrinsic motivation to remain at western motels. On the other hand extrinsic motivators are not effective enough to prolong the work life of the maids. Managers are out of touch with maids that many cannot tell why the motel has low retention rates.

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