Thesis: Reasons of Recession in Dubai

Sample Thesis Paper

Another reason of Dubai’s recession is of its tourism industry. It’s obvious that during an economic slowdown people would travel less and a major chunk of Dubai’s economy depends on the tourist activity so this also makes up a reason of recession. The effect of tourist not coming for visiting Dubai in recession would be far more than any other country reason being that around 17-22% of Dubai’s GDP is based on tourism as compared to any other country where only 5-10% of the total GDP depends on tourism (UAE Lists 2008). In this regard what the authorities should do to attract the customers is to shift their approach and they can do this by providing lower prices, better packages, and improved values all these would prove out to be very handy in a recession time when the visitors have a smaller budget to travel with.

Another very important issue that needs to be discussed especially in the case of Dubai is that when people are jobless they spend less this is quite obvious. But in the case of Dubai if the people lose their job they are also on the verge of losing their visa which would force them to leave the country within 30 days of visa cancelation. What happens now is that it’s very difficult to find a new job in a market downturn so spending becomes almost next to impossible. So in the UAE getting money out from the unemployed will not just be less but it would almost disappear which in other words means that more people would lose their jobs (UAE Lists 2008).

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